Marry Your Grief with Joy

This past year started as one of the most beautiful, exhilarating, unexpected seasons of my life. I discovered a new capacity of love I never knew I could give. I realized the freedom that comes in feeling safe to be completely, wholeheartedly yourself with another individual. Simply stated, I learned the power that love has. … Continue reading Marry Your Grief with Joy


Growth Track- Part 2

  I love Jesus a heck of a ton. I truthfully have no idea where I would be if it were not for my faith that is so grounded in Him. Please don't get me wrong though. I question and doubt too. I don't think anyone who walks the Christian walk with authenticity will claim… Continue reading Growth Track- Part 2


You Know What They Say When You Assume Things…

It's true though. Assumptions about people can be dangerous. It seems like lately this has been an increasingly more relevant issue I have been facing in almost every area of my life. I decided I would write some thoughts and begin my external processing for you all to engage in with me. SO here we… Continue reading You Know What They Say When You Assume Things…